ERS - Account Management

Welcome to ERS Member Self Service! This secured site is designed to present some information related to your account that ERS has on file. If you are an actively employed member, or have deferred your retirement, you will see the personal information that we have on file as reported to us by your employer(s), a summary of your account contributions and service credit, and will be able to calculate a benefit estimate. If you are a retiree (or a survivor for a retiree), you will see your personal profile, information related to the pension payments that have been made to you, and some other basic payment related information.

This secured site also lets retirees submit requests for address, telephone number, or email account changes via the web-site. Requests for such changes submitted will be reviewed by ERS staff and entered into your record if acceptable. To set up your account, enter your personal information into the boxes below. Click on the Continue button once you have entered this information. The information will be authenticated against our records and you will then be asked to create a User Name and Password.

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